We are continuing the production optimization with the LEAN.LT team 

When implementing the project “The implementation of modern management techniques and management systems in the enterprise” funded by the European Union structural funds our company in May concluded an agreement on implementation of LEAN management system with UAB “Effective Solutions” or LEAN.lt team. The said company has partners from Japan, who have worked in Toyota factories. The consultants with the experience of many years are working at LEAN.lt. Most of them have worked in the MARS factory, thus they are aware of the 5S, Kaizen and other LEAN methods not only in theory, but they also know how to put them into practice. With the help of consultants, we have already started the first 5S and Kaizen training, we have started to install these methods in the production processes. According to the consultants, the beginning has been nicely done, however there is still a lot of work in order to fully install the LEAN. In autumn we will start the SMED working groups, we will install KANBAN system and other LEAN methods.